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Case Study:

Tiffany is a 24-year-old nursing student who works weekends as a certified nursing assistant. Her sister Sara brought Tiffany to a clinic appointment with a nurse practitioner because of their family’s concerns about Tiffany’s weight and eating habits. During the intake process, Tiffany states, “I don’t think there is a problem; I just don’t want to be fat.” Tiffany is 5’7” and weighs 101 pounds in her street clothes, with a calculated BMI of 15.8. When asked to perform a 24-hour diet recall, Tiffany states, “I drink coffee for breakfast, eat a low-fat yogurt for lunch, and then eat a head of iceberg lettuce for dinner most days.” She cannot recall the last time she had a menstrual cycle. Tiffany states, “I used to run five miles every day, but lately I have been too tired to run.” She denies any purging episodes. Sara states, “Tiffany does not sit down and eat meals with the rest of us. We have tried everything and cannot get her to eat. My mom has tried talking to her, begging her, and even yelling at her. If Tiffany does eat something besides lettuce, she either goes in the bathroom and vomits or runs ten miles. We are very worried about her and don’t know what to do.”


  1. What symptoms of an eating disorder is Tiffany demonstrating?
  2. What other assessments does the nurse plan for Tiffany?
  3. What findings does the nurse anticipate as a result of a comprehensive assessment?
  4. What laboratory tests will likely be ordered during this visit?
  5. What is the goal of treatment for Tiffany?
  6. What type of psychotherapy would be helpful for Tiffany?
  7. What conditions would cause Tiffany to be hospitalized?
  8. Tiffany is hospitalized. Create a brief nursing care plan for Tiffany including a nursing diagnosis, SMART goal, and 3-5 nursing interventions.


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