60 Research Skills

Advanced Library Skills for Physics Research

Author: Lauren Stieglitz

Description: This tutorial covers all of the information you need to find, evaluate and organize research materials. This tutorial is designed for upper-level undergraduate students and graduate students conducting research in physics.

Advanced Research Skills: Conducting Literature and Systematic Reviews

Authors: Kelly Dermody; Cecile Farnum; Daniel Jakubek; Jo-Anne Petropoulos; Jane Schmidt; and Reece Steinberg

Description: A short course for graduate students to increase their proficiency in conducting research for literature and systematic reviews. After taking the mini course graduate students will understand how to conduct their review, how to execute appropriate searches, manage their results and demonstrate strategic reading skills. Module 1 provides a quick overview of the different types of academic reviews and the steps involved in conducting them. Module 2 demonstrates how to formulate a research question and how to search for sources. Module 3 discusses how to select and organize sources. Finally, Module 4 outlines techniques for reading and assessing the quality of sources.The course contains interactive H5P activities for students to test their learning. Students have access to a workbook of reflective activities to document their research process. The intended outcome is to ensure graduate students understand how to conduct and manage their own research for their academic success and future careers.

Health Professions Education Research Primer

Authors: McMaster Program for Faculty Development; Health Sciences Education (HSEd) Graduate Studies Program, McMaster University; and McMaster Education Research, Innovation, and Theory (MERIT) Program

Description: This is a joint project between the McMaster Education Research, Innovation, and Theory (MERIT) unit, McMaster Faculty of Health Sciences Program for Faculty Development within the Office of CPD, and the McMaster Masters in Health Sciences Education program. This e-book has been published via McMaster University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Office of Continuing Professional Development.

Literature Reviews for Education and Nursing Graduate Students

Authors: Linda Frederiksen and Sue F. Phelps

Description: This open textbook is designed for students in graduate-level nursing and education programs. From developing a research question to locating and evaluating sources to writing a sample literature review using appropriate publication guidelines, readers will be guided through the process.

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