59 Public Policy

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Practice

Authors: Experiential Learning Hub, Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

Description: This interactive self-directed learning resource was created in response to an identified gap for students participating in experiential learning activities. It serves as a preparatory tool for learners on how to navigate real-life scenarios they may encounter in the workplace. This resource consists of seven modules. Each module will introduce learners to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) within the work context and their rights and responsibilities in the workplace as new professionals embarking on their post-graduate journeys. Learners will be taken through a series of brief simulated experiences, interactive self-assessments, reflections, insights from peers and professionals, as well as educational content on key issues in EDI. By the end of this resource, learners should be able to respond to issues of discrimination and become active participants in integrating equity in their professional and personal lives.

Global Justice and Change

Authors: Nisha Toomey and Emma Wright

Description: Part 1 of this project is about what needs to change and what is changing. It focuses on naming and dissecting our current global systems and the root causes of our contemporary social issues. It aims to spotlight a system and logic of racial capitalism and colonialism that consumes everything in its path. In order to effect change together, we need to ensure that we have a common language, a way of talking about what it is that in fact needs to and is changing.

Policy and Governance in Postsecondary Institutions: Canadian Perspectives on Ethics and Decision Making

Authors: Rahul Kumar; Robert McGray; Jennifer Kopczinski; and Jacqueline Beres

Description: This edition represents the collection of seminal ideas that have shaped the postsecondary institutions in Canada. The chapters in this edition correspond to the animating ideas that are relevant in this era of increased participation of the public in tertiary education. The chapters that have been chosen to present the reader with the salient issues concerning functioning, accountability, policy framework, inter alia, constitute the sessions of a course on post secondary policy and governance offered to adults who either work at or aspire to work at universities and colleges.

This text is interactive insofar as it offers stimuli for the engaged student to co-construct knowledge and their own gloss of pertinent issues. This text introduces concepts through various examples and contemporary cases and provides a plethora of resources primarily from Canadian context for further engagement. Finally, it offers an activity, through case studies, for students to play the part of various roles in the postsecondary sector to bring together the ideas explored in the text.

Public Policy Responses to the Pandemic, and Building Back Better

Authors: Ryerson Leadership Lab and Karim Bardeesy

Description: Public Policy Responses to the Pandemic, and Building Back Better is an interdisciplinary virtual learning experience about the Canadian policy responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the debate around whether, and how, to “build back better” — to use the occasion of the pandemic to bring in other fundamental policy reforms.


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