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This OpenStax textbook is intended for use in introductory Entrepreneurship classes at the undergraduate level.

Includes: instructor resources, student resources, exercises, cases, test bank.

May suit: COMM 320.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Toolkit

Written by a business professor at the University of Saskatchewan, this textbook covers fundamental entrepreneurship concepts.

May suit: COMM 320.

Essentials of Project Management

Author: Adam Farag

Description: The Essentials of Project Management is designed specifically for college students enrolled in a business program including business accounting, administration, supply chain and human resources. It describes the project management process and the role of the project manager in implementing such a process. The book is designed to help students build understanding of the importance and applications of project management.

Good Corporation, Bad Corporation: Corporate Social Responsibility in the Global Economy

This text was developed through the Open SUNY project by the State University of New York, specifically by professors of business. This text has been positively reviewed by faculty and has been successfully adopted.

Includes: instructor resources, case studies, external resources, exercises, applications, examples.

Human Resources Management

The conversational style of this textbook engages students, while the academic rigor of its content provides them with the tools that any manager needs—whether they work in HR or a different department.

Includes: cases and team activities.

Human Resources Management – Canadian Edition

Author: Stephane Brutus

Description: Human Resource Management – Canadian Edition introduces MANA 362 students to the basic aspects of managing human resources in a Canadian context. The strategies and theories outlined in this book will be of use to any manager—not just those in HR—who needs to know about recruiting, selecting, training, and compensating people. This book is currently is the pilot version.

Includes: Exercises.

Mastering Strategic Management – 1st Canadian Edition

This Canadian edition includes Canadian specific content, images, and references. It contains multiple graphic concept pages and real-world company examples in each chapter.

Includes: PowerPoint slides.

May suit: COMM 401. 

Organizational Behaviour

Published through the University of Minnesota, this text has been successfully adopted and has received positive reviews from other faculty. This text is meant to provide students with the necessary critical thinking skills, vocabulary, and framework to effectively navigate situations that may arise. This version is an adaptation of a former resource provided by a publisher. It includes an “Organizational Behaviour ToolBox” which incorporates an experiential component of understanding the concepts.

Includes: exercises, summaries, references, organizational behaviour toolbox.

May suit: COMM 222.

Principles of Management 

This OpenStax textbook takes a traditional approach to management,which is the leading, planning, organizing, and controlling approach. It covers many management areas such as human resource management and strategic management, as well as behavioral areas such as motivation.

Includes: instructor resources, student resources, PowerPoint slides, test bank, exercises, questions.

May suit: COMM 205, COMM 210, COMM 222, COMM 226, COMM 320.



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