6 Études françaises

Français Interactif

This open textbook accompanies course content that explores the French language and culture by following the lives of students participating in an intensive French language programming.

Includes: videos, audio vocabulary recordings, phonetics lessons, and online activities.

Introduction to French

Introduction to French is a basic French language textbook designed to develop reading, writing, and speaking skills of college students in classrooms across Canada.

Includes: audio files.


This is an introductory level French textbook that is focused on the communicative approach. Each chapter includes around communicative strategies, culture and grammar.

Includes: end-of-chapter exercises.

Résumer, synthétiser, argumenter

Le manuel s’adresse aux étudiants de français langue seconde de niveau avancé.

Includes: exercices interactifs, points de langue.

Sons & Lettres: A pronunciation method for intermediate-level French

This textbook provides a set of classroom materials to train students to hear and produce the sounds of French and to recognize the regular spellings used to represent those sounds in print.

Includes: exercises, audio on supplementary website.

Tout un Monde: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Intermediate French

Written by a faculty at University of Texas Arlington, this book is intended for use with intermediate level college French classes. Its multidisciplinary approach introduces students to topics and vocabulary associated with fields such as medicine, advertising, travel, business, agriculture, and relationships.

Includes: exercises.


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