45 Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering

Computational Fluid Dynamics: An Open-Source Approach

Authors: Brian C. Vermeire, Carlos A. Pereira, Hamidreza Karbasian.

Description: An open-source textbook for computational fluid dynamics using entirely open-source tools! The following are available for this resource:

  1. Download textbook in PDF format  (17.7 MB, 215 pages)
  2. Textbook source code from Gitlab.

Includes: Videos, embedded links to Jupyter code.

Engineering Mechanics for Structures

This text explores the mechanics of solids and statics as well as the strength of materials and elasticity theory. In addition to introducing the fundamentals of structural analysis, it combines and applies important concepts in engineering mechanics. Its many design exercises encourage creative student initiative and systems thinking.

Fundamentals of Aerospace Engineering

Author: Manuel Soler Arnedo

Description: Fundamentals of Aerospace Engineering covers an undergraduate, introductory course to aeronautical engineering and aims at combining theory and practice to provide a comprehensive, thorough introduction to the fascinating, yet complex discipline of aerospace engineering. This book is the ulterior result of three year of teaching a course called Aerospace Engineering in the first year of a degree in aerospace engineering (with a minor in air navigation) at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, in Madrid, Spain.

Fundamentals of Compressible Flow Mechanics

The textbook is an introduction to the flow of compressible substances (gases).

Introduction to Aerospace Structures and Materials

An introductory textbook to the discipline of aerospace structures and materials, ranging from materials, manufacturing and processing techniques, to structures, design principles and structural performance, including aspects like durability and safety.





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