Here are some of the repositories used to discover the OER contained within this guide:

This is eCampusOntario’s repository of openly licensed H5P content from across the province. There are currently over 1300 interactive elements available and this will continue to grow.

Founded in 2008, LibreTexts is a leading, non-commercial open textbook organization for higher education. In Oct. 2018, the U.S. Dept. of Education awarded LibreTexts $5 million over 3 years to expand its collection of primary source textbooks and supplemental learning resources.

LibreCommons hosts curated Open Educational Resources from all 14 LibreTexts libraries in one convenient location. LibreCommons, the LibreTexts Libraries, and all of our resources are accessible to everyone via the internet, completely free. We believe everyone should have access to knowledge.

This is a LibreTexts repository containing a list of openly licensed H5P that are searchable using  a series of filters.

This directory provides an index of 3,305 books published(as of March 2022) across 113 Pressbooks networks. Pressbooks Directory is more powerful when paired with a PressbooksEDU Authoring & Editing Platform, which allows you to clone, revise, remix, and redistribute all of the openly licensed content found through this Directory.

The University of Minnesota Libraries publishes journals, monographs, textbooks, and other scholarly content. All titles are accessible from this page. Unless otherwise noted our content is released under a Creative Commons license and is free to download, share, and reuse.


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The University of Regina OER by Subject Directory Copyright © 2021 by University of Regina is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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