Table of Contents

1. Introduction.  Kelsey Lonie, Corey Safinuk, Jonathon Zimmer

2. “To Convince the Red Man that the White Man Governs:” John A. Macdonald and Canadian Indian Policy in the North-West.  Jack J. Nestor

3. “Upon Grounds Appealing to the Conscience of All Men” Laurier, Bowell, Tupper, and the Manitoba School Question.  Isaac Farrell

4. The Blood Tax: Prime Minister Robert Borden and the Conscription Crisis of the First World War.  Stephen Lylyk

5. Unintended Consequences: William Lyon Mackenzie King and the 1926 Constitutional Crisis.  Garett Harnish

6. Patriotism, Politics, and Parity: William Lyon Mackenzie King and the Death of the Small-Scale Farmer in the Prairie West, 1941-1946.  Kelsey Lonie

7. Korea, A Hot Start to the Cold War: St. Laurent and Pearson’s Ongoing Fight Against Communism.  Ryland Gibb

8. John Diefenbaker and the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Olivia Moat

9. Lester B. Pearson’s Response to Quebec Separatism.  Corey Safinuk

10. Terrorism in Canada: An Analysis of Pierre Trudeau’s Response to the FLQ and the 1970 October Crisis.  Kara Sirke

11. How the West was Lost: Pierre E. Trudeau’s 1980-1985 National Energy Program and Western Alienation.  Jesse Fuchs

12. Mobilizing the World: Brian Mulroney and Canada’s Humanitarian Response to Famine in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Jonathon Zimmer

13. Saying “No” to the United States: How Prime Minister Jean Chrétien Kept Canadian Soldiers out of the Iraq War.  Ryan Whippler

14. An Evaluation of Justin Trudeau’s Reconciliation Policies: A Case Study Analysis of the Wet’suwet’en Nation and Coastal Gaslink Pipeline Conflict.  Kien Hoang Trung

15. Contributors.


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