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Corey Safinuk is a graduate student from Regina. He has already completed an undergraduate degree with honours in Computer Science and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in History with a focus on reception theory and the classical period. While he is still new to the academic world, he has already presented at the TriUniversity History Graduate Conference held in Waterloo Ontario.

Garett Harnish is a fourth-year undergraduate history student at the University of Regina. His research interests include Canadian and European political history. This is his first published history article, which explores William Lyon Mackenzie King’s actions during the 1926 Canadian Constitutional Crisis. In his free time, Garett enjoys photography and tinkering with computers and electronics.

Isaac Farrell is a student at the University of Regina who is completing concurrent degrees in Honours History and Political Science, as well as a certificate in Public Governance. After completing his undergraduate studies, Isaac plans on attending graduate school for Political Science. His research interests include the development and impact of multicultural and language policies throughout Canadian history, with a particular emphasis on how ethnic minority communities have interacted with these policies.

Jack J. Nestor is an undergraduate student at the University of Regina (Campion College). His research interests include Numbered Treaties historiography and late nineteenth century Canadian Indian policy. His History Honours thesis is tentatively titled: “‘Contrary to the Rules of the Department’: The Dismissal of Indian Agents for the Obstruction of Indian Policy in Treaties 4-6, 1886-1901.” 

Jesse Fuchs is working towards his Bachelor of Education in secondary education at the University of Regina. Alongside his studies, Jesse works in the natural resource industry, specializing in electrical, instrument, and mechanical commissioning. He currently resides in Regina, Saskatchewan with his fiancé Lacie and their two rescue dogs. 

Jonathon Zimmer is currently a graduate student at the University of Regina, working to complete his Master of Arts in History. Though studying in Saskatchewan, his home is in Fort St. John, British Columbia. He completed his Bachelor of Arts at Thompson Rivers University in 2022. Jonathon’s MA thesis explores the reaction of the Canadian media to the Ethiopian Famine of 1984, and how this influenced federal approaches to the crisis.

Kara Sirke has a Bachelor of Education and teaches high school social studies and history in Saskatchewan. She is a Bachelor of Arts student, majoring in history, at the University of Regina. This is her first published work.

Kelsey Lonie is a Masters Candidate in the Department of History at the University of Regina.  Her research centres on Canadian Homefront and Military History, with a focus on Women and Agriculture in Western Canada during the Second World War. Kelsey graduated with a BEd in 2015 and has been working professionally as a classroom teacher since that date.  

Olivia Moat is a 23-year-old undergraduate Student at the University of Regina working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies. Born and raised here in Saskatchewan, she first attended the University of Regina to attain a Bachelor of Education. Now working as a substitute with Regina Catholic school division, she continues to enjoy her passion for learning while sharing it with all her students.

Ryland Gibb is from Prince Albert Saskatchewan and is a first year teacher at Ranch Ehrlo Society for troubled youth in Regina Saskatchewan. He has played many sports growing up and continues to play rugby competitively. He is working towards his second degree in history and wants to continue to bring his passion for history to his classroom.

Ryan Whippler was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan. After graduating from the broadcasting program at Mount Royal University, he spent two years as a radio journalist in Regina. He then spent the next 13 years as the Director of Communications for the Saskatchewan Roughriders before moving to the Government of Saskatchewan where he currently works. As a part-time student, he recently received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Regina, focusing on Canadian history. 

Stephen Lylyk has undergraduate degrees in History and Journalism from the University of Regina.

Kien Hoang Trung holds a degree in International Politics and Diplomacy from the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam. Kien possesses a deep interest in controversial international issues, including the Middle East and the Taiwan issue. Currently pursuing a Master’s program in Social Studies at the Univdersity of Regina in Canada, Kien has develop a new focus on multiculturalism as an aspect of his studies.


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