Building your blended course

Blended learning is a course where a portion of the face-to-face synchronous time is replaced by online content and/or activities. Blended courses integrate the online portion with face-to-face/synchronous class time in a planned, pedagogically valuable manner. To help you with the decisions you need to make about what the right mix is for your course, your learning outcomes and your students, we have included two sections for you to move through, depending on how much time you have, and whether or not you have already confirmed scheduling.

This section will take you through the process of storyboarding your course – mapping your outcomes, content and activities/assessments and selecting the appropriate modality and technologies.

We have also included a section in the Appendix which contains the Course Delivery Decision Framework – which is a much deeper investigation in to what the right mix should be for your course. While we recommend you do consider this framework if you have time as it involves a more holistic and more thorough investigation into your course and the decisions you need to make about what modality is the most appropriate and most effective for your learners.


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