Blended teaching models and resources

An overview of blended learning models at McMaster

Blended learning basics: blended learning models, tips and case studies

Blended learning toolkit: guidance, examples, professional development, and other resources to help you prepare your blended learning courses and programs

Self-guided course design and development: frameworks, tools, examples, and resources to support faculty in designing, building, and teaching online, hybrid/blended, and flipped courses

Five Models of Hybrid Learning

Flipped classroom models: practical descriptions of various flipped models

Getting started with designing a hybrid learning course

HyFlex Resources

HyFlex Learning Community: a community of educators working together to improve student access to high quality and equitable learning by using Hybid-Flexible (HyFlex) learning environments

Four Models for HyFlex Course Designs: an alternative approach to designing HyFlex courses using the principles of the ACE Framework.

Resources to help with Building Course Content and Activities

Course workload time estimator: important considerations when designing your course is how much time each activity or content item takes – this handy calculator can help ensure you aren’t building a course and a half

Active learning design tool:

Ideas for Digital Activities: help instructors with designing digital assessments and feedback

Active Learning while physically distancing: a continually updated chart with practical strategies to make our teaching engaging and impactful during these unusual times

Cases on Active Blended Learning: explores strategies, methods and insights into active blended learning teaching practice by describing the experiences and reflections of academics from around the world.

Publications/Books on Online/Blended Teaching

Teaching in a Digital Age

Blending with purpose: the multimodal model

Hybrid/Flexible Course Design


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