As a McMaster educator you have free access to three institutionally supported tools for synchronous learning: Echo 360, Microsoft Teams, Zoom.

WebEx is no longer available beginning Fall 2021.

“How do I choose?”

The video conferencing or live streaming tool you select for your synchronous sessions can be influenced by a number of factors. Consider the following:

  • Course goals and needs – Does the application suit the learning goals and administrative needs of your course?
  • Administrative expectations – Is your Faculty or department aiming for consistency among courses? Is there a preferred or “strongly recommended” tool?
  • Student use – What is the most common conferencing application used among the students in your course?
  • You skills – Which tool are you most proficient and comfortable working in?
  • Which tool best suits the device and network connection you will be using for your course?

Training and Support

Regardless of your decision, you should also know where to go for training, development and support.

The MacPherson Institute

The MacPherson Institute provide services and support that assist educators of all experience levels with integration of technology into their teaching practice for engaging and effective student learning experiences.

Services and supports include:

Blended/Online LearningCommunity of Practice

The Blended/Online Learning Community of Practice team on Microsoft Teams is the University’s connection centre for the McMaster teaching and learning community interested or actively incorporating learning technologies into their teaching. It is an open group where you can go to find event and support information, ask questions, share experiences, and when you are comfortable enough, help one of your colleagues out. You might even find a little inspiration there.

How to Join the Blended/Online Learning Community of Practice

If you have a MacID, you can join using the Blended/Online Learning Community of Practice team link. If you haven’t used McMaster’s MS Teams environment, you will be prompted to download the app or proceed to the browser view.


Echo360 is administered and supported by Campus Classroom Technologies (CCT).

Support for Echo360 includes:

  • Self-directed learning on the McMaster Echo360 website
  • Echo360 training and support consultations with Joey Ricottone  CCT AV/IT Specialist
  • The Echo360 channel in the Blended Online Community of Practice team.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is administer and support by University Technology Services (UTS).

Support for Microsoft Teams include:

  • Training and support right in Microsoft Teams with Class Teams
  • Microsoft Teams support consultations with Christa Morrison, UTS Business Systems Specialist


Zoom is is administer and support by University Technology Services (UTS).

Support for Zoom includes:


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