Universities and institutions that support learning have developed and shared resources and examples of blended learning approaches. Below are resources about blended learning that have been developed in response to Covid-19 as well as prior to the pandemic. These resources may provide guidance and inspiration on how to approach blended teaching and learning.

  1. 5 Models for Making the Most Out of Hybrid Learning

In this article, John Spencer outlines five models for hybrid learning. The article includes specific examples and strategies to maximize hybrid learning experiences.

  1. BlendFlex at UCF

The University of Central Florida has released this resource about the BlendFlex model. In the BlendFlex model, students attend in-person classes on a rotating basis; when students are not physically in class, they attend through videoconferencing. An advantage of the BlendFlex model is that instructors do not have to significantly modify their teaching pedagogy and strategies.

  1. Active Blended Learning at the University of Northampton

The University of Northampton has adopted the active blended learning approach, which positioned the university well to respond to the unique teaching and learning challenges that Covid-19 presented. This link provides a definition of active blended learning as well as a comprehensive list of features that do and do not constitute active blended learning.

This chapter, titled “Active Blended Learning: Definition, Literature Review, and a Framework for Implementation,” further explores and defines features of active blended learning.

  1. Blended Learning Models – University of Lethbridge

This document outlines some common blended learning models including: (1) lab rotation, (2) the flipped classroom, (3) flex model, and (4) the enriched virtual model.

  1. Examples of Blended Courses – University of Waterloo

Instructors at the University of Waterloo have designed courses in line with blended learning principles. This link offers descriptions of several of these courses.

6.   Blended Learning – University of Alberta

The Centre for Teaching and Learning at the University of Alberta site provides a series of case studies on courses that were adapted for blended learning. Although not specific to blended learning in the context of Covid-19, the case studies offer useful approaches and strategies for designing blended learning experiences.



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