How to Use this Book

The book consists of four separate graded modules: 

  • Part 1: Understanding Academic Integrity
  • Part 2: Understanding Plagiarism
  • Part 3: Avoiding Plagiarism through Referencing Skills
  • Part 4: Avoiding Plagiarism through Writing Skills

It also contains sections for you to practise a specific citation style:

  • Part 5: Practise APA Style
  • Part 6: Practise MLA Style
  • Part 7: Practise Chicago Style


Each of the four main modules consists of:

  • Short readings
  • Activities
  • Short quizzes that will be graded

These modules should take roughly 20 minutes each to complete. You will be able to revisit the text and activity portions as many times as you like. If you successfully answer all quizzes and have the required percentage, you will be awarded a digital badge that will be displayed on your profile.


How to move around the book:

Use the arrows at the bottom left and right of each page to move forward and backward through the modules. Or, use the Contents menu in the top left hand corner to go to a particular section.


Technical requirements: The modules work best in the most recent versions of Chrome or Firefox; Internet Explorer is not supported at this time. If you experience difficulties, check your browser version and update.


Any Questions?

Please contact librarian Ulrike Kestler:


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