6 Academic Integrity Violations: Consequences

Integrity Violations have consequences 

Key Takeaways

Violations of academic integrity are taken very seriously and carry with them severe consequences. If reported, you may:

  • Get a grade of 0 on your assignment
  • Get a failing grade in the course
  • Be suspended from the University

Important:  you may face disciplinary action for any academic integrity violation, regardless whether you committed it intentionally or unintentionally. An integrity violation will be noted on your academic record. This may negatively impact your chances to apply for graduate studies and to obtain references needed for any university related applications (such as for research grants). It may also impact your future employment.


So what is the best way to avoid committing a violation?

  1. Be honest in all areas
  2. Do your own work
  3. Submit original work
  4. Only work with others if your instructor permitted it
  5. If permitted to work in groups, acknowledge contributions of others
  6. Acknowledge all your sources of information by citing them properly
  7. Learn to quote, paraphrase and summarize properly
  8. Adhere to copyright
  9. Get help if you need it, but only from approved sources
  10. Do not help another person commit a violation


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