44 List of Sources: Webpage Citation

Not everything found online is a webpage

There are many different kinds of online sources. Some can have print equivalents, such as ebooks, online articles, and online encyclopedias; other items exist only electronically, such as blogs or websites and their individual webpages

The basic elements for webpages consist of:

  • Author
  • Title of the webpage
  • Publishing information: title of the whole website and/or sponsor of the site 
  • Date


Each style has its own rules for citing webpages

You may also come across situations where you cannot find an author or a date, or some other required information. No matter what the situation, remember that you still need to cite the source.

Please consult the online library citation style guides for examples of how to cite webpages and a variety of other online resources, including such materials as ebooks, images, streaming videos, blogs, social media, emails, as well as sources that have no author, no date, and much more.


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