Table of Contents

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1. “This is who I am now” – Introduction

Everything you have heard about me is still true – Too many notes, Herr Mozart? – Hello from your other side – My life is not a romance novel – Keeping the mystery alive


2. “Feeling wonky” – Transition Time

Life is not all about suffering – What to say when you don’t know what to say – Don’t push it – 21 days is an eternity – The more we look, the more we find – Cut it off – Office therapy – Old beds and new neighbours – You have been through a lot – I am not a criminal – A perfect solution – It is not your story to tell (with your mouth wide open) – Writing matters  


3. “Feeling ready” – Checkup No. 1

Bloody hell – Confession time – Energy plans – Weeping episodes – Precious cargo – Impact is everything – You get used to it – Final countdown – Lift-off


4. “Feeling fragile” – Recovery, Part 1

It’s always sunny on my balcony – Shopping is my new cardio – The other twin – Watershed moments – The Tickle Monster – Stompin’ Barb   


5. “Feeling homesick” – Checkup No. 2

Balcony wisdom – My butt hurts – There’s no place like home – Is it my fault?


6. “Feeling relieved” – Recovery, Part 2

It’s fine with me – Blissful ignorance – Stop smiling like an idiot – I look like a pony


7. “Feeling special” – Checkup No. 3

Thanks for assuming I am normal – Please put me on a drip – It’s ironic – Either Covid will kill you, or I will – Woof, woof, woof – Going commando – It’s not what you think


8. “Feeling annoyed” – Recovery, Part 3

Going public – Thank you for being incompetent – It’s not always about your pelvis – Next time, get yourself to a hospital – Your body is grieving – Hidden gifts – Santa’s law   


9. “A new year” – Recovery, Part 4

Back in the saddle – “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough” – Every thankful moment makes me healthier – You could learn a thing or two from her


10. “A new attitude” – Recovery, Part 5

It damn near killed me – Self care matters – The Little Mermaid – The “50% Barb”


11. “A new goal” – Checkup No. 4

Your best bet is to jump with both legs – Please wait to get dressed – Should I stay, or should I go? – It involves a long needle – A cliff hanger (of sorts)


12. “A new priority” – Recovery, Part 6

Breakfast chats – The Queen’s Suite – Muckby – Full circle – Consider it done


13. “Right on time” – Epilogue

Write on time – You want to keep me?  


14. “A new ending” – The final chapter

Fever isn’t such a new thing – A room with a view – Feeling drained – We, the Borg – Two nights, three ladies – A lesson in healing – Finale


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