About this Book

This book is the sequel to the award-nominated book Perfect TimingRecollections on coping with cancer during a pandemic from 2021, but can be read on its own.

It chronicles the eventful and highly transformative time of healing and reflection following cancer treatments that the author – a middle-aged, immigrant, and non-partnered university professor from Regina, Saskatchewan – spent on the West Coast of Canada to be near family during the pandemic.

It will be of interest to anyone who: 1.) likes to laugh while learning about the experiences of a cancer patient after she finished active treatments; 2.) is or strives to be a health professional (oncologist, GP, nurse, social worker, pharmacist, physio therapist or exercise therapist, etc.); 3.) is an administrator, instructor, teaching assistant, or student at a post-secondary institution interested in health sciences, English literature (memoir writing, creative non-fiction, and narratives of illness), Women’s and Gender Studies, Spirituality Studies, Religious Studies, and the Fine Arts; and 4.) is a fellow author and/or a reader who likes to give writers from the Canadian prairies a chance.

Once again, the author is making this heartfelt, hopeful, and often humorous illness narrative freely accessible to interested readers, hoping to raise funds for cancer research in the process.


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