I thank everyone who supported me throughout this journey back to health from the bottom of my heart. Even though you shall remain nameless to protect your privacy and mine, you know who you are and what you did (or did not do). I will forever be filled with love and gratitude for your acts of kindness, and I will do my very best to pay them forward to honour you.

My “Canadian parents,” Leonore and Jim, and my “Canadian sister,” Pauline, left us in 2019 and 2020, respectively, to watch this part of my life story unfold from the other side. I owe them a lot, and I miss them even more.

I am a proud supporter of the Saskatchewan Cancer Foundation. I am also grateful to Saskatchewan Cancer Agency Board Members who listened to my cancer story online on October 7, 2021, and to survivors of gynecological cancers and their families with whom I shared my health journey in Regina, Saskatchewan, on November 27, 2021.



Open Access Textbook Use

This book was used in ENGL 110 – Critical Reading and Writing: “Medicine and Mortality: Illness Narratives,” taught by Prof. Scott J. Wilson at Luther College at the University of Regina in the Winter (January–April) 2022 semester. I visited the class on March 3, 2022 via Zoom. I also presented a summary of my writing/open access publishing experience on May 11, 2022 as part of the University of Regina’s OER Spring 2022 boot camp (“It’s all about open access – and impact: From memoir to textbook”). This online presentation was recorded and will be linked as soon as it becomes available.  An article related to my talk will also be published in the OER spring 2022 newsletter.