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License: This book is covered by a CC BY-NC-ND license (click on the hyperlink for more information) which means it cannot be shared or adapted. The Appendix is covered by a CC-BY-NC license which means it can be shared and adapted (click on the hyperlink for more information).

I would like to thank the University of Regina for making this Open Educational Resource platform available at no charge to her and her readers. I will also try her best to update and/or remove any broken hyperlinks at regular intervals. I have, however, no control of their content.

Open Access use: This book was used in ENGL 110 – Critical Reading and Writing: “Medicine and Mortality: Illness Narratives,” taught by Prof. Scott J. Wilson at Luther College at the University of Regina in the Winter (January–April) 2022 and 2023 semesters. Eager to engage with some of my younger readers (albeit only in gallery view), I visited both university classrooms via Zoom in early March 2022 and 2023, respectively.

I also presented a brief summary of my writing/open access publishing experience on May 11, 2022 as part of the University of Regina’s OER Spring 2022 boot camp (“It’s all about open access – and impact: From memoir to textbook”). This online presentation was recorded; it can be accessed via an article related to my talk that was published in the University of Regina OER spring 2022 newsletter, pp. 4-5.

A sequel entitled Right on Time – Healing from Cancer During a Pandemic was published on the same platform in December 2023. In it, I touch upon my rationale for making this publication available as an open education resource and detail the actual writing and publication process.


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