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Thibeault, James. Being Open About Cancer: Interview with Barbara Reul, author of
the open-licensed memoirs Perfect Timing and Right on Time.” Scholars@Bentley Library Publications (2024).

  • This article is based on an in-depth interview conducted in January 2024 by James Thibeault, Senior Librarian for Open Educational Resources at Bentley University, USA, as part of their Scholars@Bentley series.

Reul, Barbara. “‘Miracles are no longer required’ – Life Writing as a Healing Tool,” Intersections 54 (March 2023), article 8.

  • This article summarizes my health journey as a cancer patient. It ends with an update on what happened after I finished active care in late March 2021, going beyond the time frame of the sequel, Right on Time (see below).

Reul, Barbara. Right on Time – Healing from cancer during a pandemic (December 2023).

  • This (much longer) sequel to Perfect Timing chronicles my time of healing and recovery from May 2021 to July 2022.
  • In it, I also discuss in more detail the actual writing and OER publishing experience, summarized  and reflected upon first on May 11, 2022 as part of the University of Regina’s OER Spring 2022 boot camp (“It’s all about open access – and impact: From memoir to textbook”). This online presentation was recorded; it can be accessed via an article related to my talk that was published in the University of Regina OER spring 2022 newsletter, pp. 4-5.


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