Welcome! Tawâw! Bienvenue!

Welcome to the University of Regina, Flexible Learning Division! We are happy to have you!

In this guide, students can navigate between the chapters to find more information regarding their Online, LIVE, and Remote courses.

Tips to navigate the guide. 

  • On the top right corner of every page, there is an in-book search box to get to content you would like. E.g., search “exam” if you would like to see all content about exams.
  • The top left corner has a table of contents that you can also use to get to the information you need.
  • There are ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ buttons at the bottom left and right corners of every page to help you move through the guide.

Please note the UofR Undergraduate Calendar is the official and authoritative document regardless of information that may appear in this or any other publications. The official version can be found here.

In the case of a discrepancy between the printed version & the web version, the web calendar will be considered to be accurate.




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