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Registering in a Course

  • Students who have been admitted to the University of Regina may register in a course (as well as add/drop/change classes) through UR Self-Service.
  • Registration in a course is seen as acceptance of the final exam date. Please ensure that you register in the correct section at the location you wish to take your class(es).
  • Students are not allowed to attend courses for which they are not registered. If they do not appear on the class list for the correct section, they are not officially registered and should contact their faculty/college.
  • Students who are registered in class(es) and are unable or choose not to attend, must officially drop the course(s), in order to avoid financial and/or academic penalties. The University of Regina does not cancel registration on the basis of non- attendance. Students who do not formally withdraw are liable for assessed tuition fees and failing grades.
  • If you are not a Regional College Student, and taking the course from home, you must register in the REMOTE (0R7) section.


*Remote sections will have the following building/room information

Regional College
New Room
Southeast College OFFCMP SOUTHEAST
Suncrest College OFFCMP SUNCREST
Great Plains College OFFCMP GRT PLAINS
Northwest College OFFCMP NORTH WEST
Northlands College OFFCMP NORTHLANDS

LIVE-streamed Sections

0A2 Suncrest College (OFFCMP SUNCREST)
0A3 Southeast College (OFFCMP SOUTHEAST)
0A4 Great Plains College (OFFCMP GRT PLAINS)
0A5 Northwest College (OFFCMP NORTH WEST)
0A6 Northlands College (OFFCMP NORTHLANDS)


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