6 Fees and Textbooks

Tuition & Fees for each faculty Winter 2024.


Up-to-date information on tuition and related fees can be found here.

Other Nonconforming Fees

Certain classes that have high material costs also charge material fees. The revenue generated from these fees accrues back to the applicable faculty or department to absorb the high material costs. Senior citizens (persons 65 years of age or older by the end of the term in which they enroll) who wish to register as an audit or credit student in credit courses may request to have their tuition waived. Students are responsible to pay any material fees, laboratory fees, student fees, and other course-related fees. The Seniors’ Tuition Waiver Request form is available here or from the Registrar’s Office.


Important Notes

  • Application (Admission) Fee (For first time applicants – Non-Refundable) – $100.00


  • Spring/Summer & Fall 2024 Undergraduate Domestic Student Fee Schedule is not released yet.


  • Textbooks, course materials, &/or other applicable fees are not included in the above fees.


  • All fees including tuition fees are subject to change at any time without notice.



Payment of Fees

All fees are due and payable at the start of the semester on the day lectures begin. Invoices will not be sent out to students. The last day for full payment of fees without a penalty is 28 days after the first day of classes.

Students may check UR Self-Service or contact Financial Services at (306) 585-4123 or financial.services@uregina.ca for information regarding their fees.


All required textbooks are available for purchase at the University of Regina Bookstore. Registered students can access their text list and purchase textbooks online via UR Self-Service or the Bookstore.

Students are advised to order their textbook(s) as soon as possible, to ensure that they arrive on time.

Click on the website below to go to the Bookstore Page:



Note for Northland College Students

  • Students registered through Northlands College for a University of Regina course at La Ronge, Creighton and Buffalo Narrows may be able to purchase their textbooks directly from Northlands College (306-425-4314).
  • To order textbooks, instructors should contact the department/faculty offering the course they are teaching.


University of Regina Bookstore


3737 Wascana Parkway

Regina, SK CA S4S 0A2



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