13 Update: The Story of the Disappearance of Claudia Flores

Paula Flores Bonilla

Paula Flores[1]

Through this writing I wish to share that it is already nineteen years since the assassination of my daughter Maria Sagrario González Flores and I continue to fight for justice and asking [for the conviction of] the authorities, the main and true killers of my daughter. It is not possible for us to continue to do nothing; the girls in Juárez City continue disappearing and appearing [being found] dead. In the last years already there are more cases of disappearance and mothers looking for their daughters: I ask myself, “When is this going to stop?”

We are physically and emotionally tired, I personally don’t know what we can do, I feel the same courage, the same helplessness, and hopelessness every time I see a girl disappear and the mothers join the protests; thinking that the authorities are going to help find them. But our reality is that they do nothing, or they do everything; because it is not possible that the killers are smarter than they are.

We live in a country without justice and in a city of impunity; because our only crime is being humble migrants—our only purpose when we arrive in Juárez City is getting ahead and finding a better life.

We hope to continue counting on people who are interested in this sad and serious problem; in life they are killing us. How many families are destroyed? In my case, we are a chain of nine links; now we are missing two; Sagrario and my husband, Jesús González.

I say farewell by asking “NOT ONE MORE” and appreciate the opportunity that you give me for my voice to be heard; continue to denounce and make visible those that continue killing our women and girls in Juárez City.

  1. The update to Paula Flores’ story was translated by Valerie Leitch.


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