A Blessing

Betty McKenna

A Blessing

Elder Betty McKenna

Migwetch Great Spirit please hear us. We are your children small and weak. In my humbleness I ask for a blessing, for mothers who have not returned home, a blessing for the children who years later still wait, a blessing for grandmothers who long for that touch, a blessing for fathers who feel rage inside but keep quiet.

Oh great spirit, a blessing for a young spirit who has joined you too soon, a blessing for a sister whose tears cannot be quelled.

A blessing for a mother who hears her beloved child’s voice in the dawn, a blessing for the grandfather who is always looking for her darling face, a blessing for the little brother who will not let anyone sit in her place.

A blessing for the ones who have found their resting place, ones who suffer guilt, ones who suffer helplessness.

Oh great spirit keep them in your care. Ease their burden day by day. Let the memories of her linger soft as bunny fur. Let the sun shine brighter because she is over there, and whisper gently in her ear that she is loved incredibly. And we whom she has left behind will in prayer forever. Thank you because you sent her here.


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