Notes on Cover Art

Jennifer Leason

Here is the teaching and explanation of the painting in Anishinaabemowiin:
The ancestors are watching over you.  
Peckshoo keekin nob mickkook
Whenever you are lost in the darkness or trying to find your way home amidst the pine trees, remember that the medicine and helpers are all around you. 
Kespin wanisenun ima kakishkeetepikuk kamma kakay mickamun undaiyak wnan nishin unpimosayyun kaskandigook miitikuck
The grandfathers and grandmothers are walking with you always. They will help you, all you have to do is ask. 
Ka kandan kakn aky kimishomisuck shigo kookuck kewechee pimosumickkook tabida. Kewechee wickgook keesagkeekook.
You never walk alone. The ancestors look after you. They love you. 
Chee mittchay guetchee mataock. Kawiin nii kakee pechee gosee
In the painting you will see Grandmother moon (top); Grandfather sun (middle); the core of mother earth (red bottom); and in the center is the 7 rocks (7 sacred teachings: love, respect, courage, honesty. wisdom, humility and truth) and is symbolic of the sweat lodge that is held under grandfather sun. There is a deep connection to the land and it is a healing painting meant to summon the ancestors and elements for a brighter future. The hummingbirds are symbolic of the seven generations (those before us and those yet to come) and the stars are a reminder that we are all a spark of Kitche Manitou (of the great spirit). 
– Artist, Jennifer Leason


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