A Statement from the Editorial Team of the 2nd Edition

Brenda Anderson; Wendee Kubik; and Shauneen Pete

For nearly 20 years, our colleague, Dr. Carrie Bourassa has claimed Metis ancestry. On October 27 (2021), a CBC report concluded that Dr. Carrie Bourassa was in fact, not an Indigenous person.  Further investigations by the University of Saskatchewan, CIHR, and Institute of Indigenous Peoples Health led our editorial team (Dr. Brenda Anderson, Dr. Wendee Kubik and Dr. Shauneen Pete) to take time to process these findings.

Following our meeting of Nov. 15, 2021, we agreed to address Dr. Bourassa’s contributions to our book, Global Femicide: Indigenous Women and Girls Torn from our Midst.

We agreed:

  • Dr. Bourassa would no longer be listed amongst the members of the editorial team
  • REMOVE (Bourassa) Chapter 2 – The Construction of an Indigenous Identity: A Healing Journey.

In consultation with the following co-authors:

  • RETAIN (Kubik & Bourassa) Chapter 6 – Stolen Sisters: The Policies, Politics & the Travesty of Missing and Murdered Women in Canada. This chapter was originally published in Forever Loved.
  • REMOVE (George Heese & Bourassa) Chapter 13 – Sinews Torn & Sinews Strong: Stories from Three Generations.
  • RETAIN (Juschka, Rucklos-Hampton, Wuerch & Knutson) but remove Bourassa name – Chapter 15 – Interpersonal Violence in Northern Saskatchewan Communities: A Case Study.


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