78 Chapter Summary

This chapter has provided an overview of how to draft a paper, including some of the structural issues you should be aware of, as well as how to maintain congruence throughout your writing. When you review a draft, make sure that your purpose, main idea/thesis statement, and outline is clear. This step is important and will help enhance the clarity of the rest of your paper. Be attentive to your arguments: it is easy to be lured to distracting points, but a good paper will stay on point.


Your Writing Journey

Your journey of drafting and writing your paper can be exciting, and sometimes overwhelming. Pay attention to the outline that you have drafted. Try writing your purpose and audience on an index card and clip it to your computer. Refer to it when you get stuck. Part of your journey is learning to write with purpose, meaning that each word and sentence is intentionally developed and links with the topic sentence of your paragraph and the main idea of your paper. Your ideas should flow smoothly from your introduction to your conclusion.



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