68 Chapter Summary

This chapter has advanced your understanding of the writing process. You have now reflected on drafting and refining a thesis and the main point of your writing. A good thesis statement takes time to develop and requires several iterations. You have also had the opportunity to consider how to develop your outline. In the next chapter, you will learn about writing and drafting your paper.


Your Writing Journey

Now, you are at the phase in your journey where you can begin to craft an outline. Understanding the iterative phases of the writing process and ways to start writing are important first steps. Always consider your positionality in relation to the topic and be open to the power of brainstorming as you determine what works best for you. A full understanding of the topic and your own positionality will allow you to draft the main idea or thesis of your assignment. However, it is important to remain open and refine your thesis as you organize and connect your ideas.




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