Second 2nd nîswâw
Sequence A pattern of numbers that are connected by some rule. [3] iyaskohc
1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, … (Fibonacci Sequence)
Seven 7 tepakohp
Seventeen 17 têpakohposâp
Seventh 7th mwecitepakohp
Seventy 70 tepakohpimitanaw
Similar Having the same shape but not always the same size. If one shape is similar to another shape, there exists a dilatation that will transform the first shape into the second shape. [3] peyakwan kekâc
Similarity Denoting two or more figures that have the same shape but different sizes. [4] tāpiskōc
Six 6 nikotwâsik
Sixteen 16 nikotwâsosâp
Sixth 6th mwecinikotwâsik
Sixty 60 nikotwâsomitanaw
Size The spatial dimensions, proportions, magnitude, or bulk of anything. [6] tānimayikohk kîspehcak

4 cm × 5 cm

Skip (counting) To count by a given number. [1] ansko kwâskohtâkiciki
skip count by 2s: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, . . .
Small (numbers) Of low numerical value; denoted by a low number. [6] apisci-akihtāsona
Solution The value or values that make an equation or open sentence true. [1] miskawȃhtowin
Sort To separate objects into groups according to properties or characteristics. [1] (1) pahpiskihtascikewin

(2) kîkwayi

Square A rectangle with four equal sides ē-ayisaweyaw
Square root Square root A factor that, when multiplied by itself, equals the number. [3] akihtāsowina kawi-akicihkātik niswaw
3 is a square root of 9, because 3×3=9
Squared A quantity obtained by multiplying a number or variable by itself. [4] akihtāsowina ohci kakicihkātik niswaw
Standard A reference against which others are compared. [4] kîkway ka nîpawemakahk
Subtract To take one or more quantities away from another; to find one quantity known as the difference. [1] ka pahkwenikehk
17 – 9
Subtraction Arithmetic operation pahkwenikewin
Sum The result of adding two or more quantities. [1] kȃ mȃmawȏkimiht
Symbol A letter, figure or sign used to represent a quantity, sentence, relation, function, or an object or operation. [4] ȇ-itwȇmakahk



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