Eight 8 ayênânêw
Eighth 8th mweci-ayinânew



Eleven 11 pêyakosâp
Equal The same in size, value, or amount. [4] (1) tipi

(2) pâpeyakwan

Equal amount

Equation A mathematical sentence stating that two expressions are equal. [1] pȇyakwan akihtȇwah
[latex]x+2=7 2\\y-3x=12[/latex]
Equivalent Equal in value. [1] pah pȇyakwan iyikohk
Estimate An answer that is an approximation. [1] eyoko nantow
Evaluate To find the value of a mathematical expression. [1] kîkway koyakihtamihk
Even numbers A whole number that is divisible by 2. [1] nani-akihtāsona
Expanded form A way of writing numbers that shows the value of each digit. [3] taswikasta
Exponent A number placed to the top right of another number (base) to indicate the number of times the base is multiplied by itself. [1] akihtāson kākitwam mena
Expression (mathematical) A numeric or algebraic representation of a quantity. An expression may include numbers, variables, and operations. [3] kwayaskowewin
[latex]12-5×2 \\3x-7 \\x^3-2y[/latex]


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