1 Introduction

Isaac Mulolani

The Spring OER Bootcamp was held from May 9 – 12 in half-day morning sessions. For this first edition of the OER Bootcamp, the following sessions were delivered:

  1. Open Licensing and Creative Commons
  2. What is OER?
  3. Finding and Evaluating OER
  4. Tools for Creating OER

These session were delivered on the first two half-days of the Bootcamp. On the second two half-days, there were the following presentation delivered:

  1. Adding Interactivity in Pressbooks using H5P
  2. It’s all About Impact – and Open Access: From Memoir to Textbook
  3. Teaching Biology with OER
  4. Geology Laboratory Manual
  5. Computer Science Lab Updates
  6. Affordable Educational Resources (AER) through the Archer Library
  7. Teaching Art History with OER/AER

For this delivery, the marjority of participants preferred remote delivery through Zoom. To increase the reach of the information delivered through these sessions, this Pressbook resource has been designed to provide recordings of all sessions along with access to all necessary handouts. Those interested in the details of this edition can download the OER Bootcamp flyer.


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