Decolonization and Post-Colonial Criminology

  • Decolonizing the Land: Revitalizing Indigenous Legal Traditions by Noor Shawush
  • Decolonization and Criminology: An Analysis of Knowledge Production by Charmine Cortez
  • Justice For All: Decolonizing Courts Through Indigenous Justice by Geena Holding

Emerging Praxes around the Globe

  • Decolonizing Prison: A Framework and Practices for Revisioning Incarceration by Megan Korchak
  • Policing and the Courts Through the Looking Glass: The Road to Transitional Justice and Decolonization in Zimbabwe by Kudzai Mudyara
  • Restorative Justice: Decolonizing the White-Washed Monster Within by Hamza Said
  • Duty to Decolonize: Trauma in Canada by Nicola Kimber

The Way Forward

  • Decolonizing Mental Health Services in Correctional Settings: Is Indigenous Self-Governance and Healing the Answer? by Kayla Schick
  • Decolonizing Policing: How Can It be Achieved? by Stephanie Dyck
  • Decolonization Restoration: Reconstructing Restorative Justice Practices by Jenna Smith


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