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12.2 Definition of Financial AccountingAccordion
22.2 Definition of Managerial AccountingAccordion
32.2 What did president at Sportswear Company learn about product profitability.Accordion
42.2 What did the president at Sportswear Company learn about product profitability from the information provided by the managerial accountant?Accordion
52.3 Managerial functions for planning and evaluatingAccordion
62.3 How do orgs formalize their strategic plansAccordion
72.3 Control, comparing actual to budgetAccordion
82.3 Review problem 1.2Accordion
92.4 Accounting and finance positions within a firmAccordion
102.4 Organizational StructureAccordion
112.4 Sources of InformationAccordion
122.5 Ethics and reporting incomeAccordion
132.5 Professional organizations and ethicsAccordion
142.5 Review Problem 1.4Accordion
152.6 Factors to consider acquiring an accounting systemAccordion
162.6 How do spreadsheets with an ERP help?Accordion
172.6 How does and ERP and spreadsheet help?Accordion
182.6 REVIEW PROBLEM 2.5Accordion
192.7 2 broad categories of cost in manuacturingAccordion
202.7 What costs are direct materialsAccordion
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