About the Authors

Ms Cristy Bartlett

BSc (with distinction), BSc (Hons) (First Class), MLearn&Dev

Dr Tyler Cawthray

BA (Hons) (First Class), PhD

Dr Linda Clark                               

BVisArt (with distinction), BCArts (Hons) (First Class), DCrArts

Ms Kate Derrington           

BA, BEd (AWE) (Hons) (First Class), MEd(R), FHEA

Dr Aruna Devi                    

BEd(Sec), GradDipEd (Sec), MEdStud, EdD

Ms Anita Frederiks            

BSc, BSc (Hons), BEd (Sec) (with distinction)

Dr Wendy Hargreaves                  

BA(Mus), GradDipEd(Sec),  MMus, PhD

Ms Debi Howarth                          

DipTeach (Prim/Sec), BEd (Admin L’ship), GradDipEdStud (Dissertation), MEd Admin (Ed Litigation), Cert IV TESOL

Ms Sarah Irvine

BIST, GradCert (Asian Studies), MA TESOL

Dr Kristen Lovric                           

BPsych (Hons) (First Class), MPHD

Ms Rowena McGregor

BEd (Hons), MEd(R)

Ms Leigh Pickstone            

Dip Teach, BEd, BVocEd, GradDipMngt, MHrm (with distinction), GradCert (Career Development)

Mrs Bianca Retallick          

BEd (Sec), MA

Mr Akshay Sahay

BENG(ELE), RPEQ(ELE), CPENG(ELE), MIEAust(ELE), MPEL, Cert IV (Training & Assessment), PhD candidate

Dr Anbarasu Thangavelu

BA (with distinction), BA (Hons) (First Class), PhD

Ms Robyn Tweedale

BA, GradDip(LibSc), MIT(Research)


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