Appendix H: List of Open source Licenses

Isaac Mulolani

There are a number of different types of open licenses that can be used. The first set are the open source licenses that arose out of the open source movement in the 1990s. These are sometimes called Free and Open Source Software licenses[1]. The second set are most commonly used in the open education community  РCreative Commons licenses. These were described in Chapter 1. In this appendix, a listing of some of the open source licenses in use is provided.

License Author Latest version Publication date
Academic Free License Lawrence E. Rosen 3.0 2002
Apache License Apache Software Foundation 2.0 2004
CeCILL CEA / CNRS / INRIA 2.1 June 21, 2013
Eclipse Public License Eclipse Foundation 2.0 August 24, 2017
European Union Public License European Commission 1.2 May 2017
FreeBSD The FreeBSD Project April 1999
GNU General Public License Free Software Foundation 3.0 June 2007
GNU Lesser General Public License Free Software Foundation 3.0 June 2007
IBM Public License IBM 1.0 1999
Microsoft Public License Microsoft N/A
MIT License/X11 License MIT N/A 1988
Open Software License Lawrence Rosen 3.0 2005
OpenSSL License OpenSSL Project N/A
PHP License PHP Group 3.01 2019
Python Software Foundation License Python Software Foundation 3.9.1 2020-10-05
Unlicense 1 December 2010
W3C Software Notice and License W3C 20021231 December 31, 2002
BSD License Regents of the University of California 3.0
Common Public License IBM 1.0 May 2001
Educational Community License Indiana University 1.0 2007
LaTeX Project Public License LaTeX Project 1.3c January 3, 2012
Mozilla Public License Mozilla Foundation 2.0
Sun Public License Sun Microsystems

Table H 1.1 List of some open source licenses



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