Appendix C: List of Latex References

Isaac Mulolani

The following are a list of books on learning how to use Latex.

  1. Mittelbach, F., Goossens, M., with Braams, J., Carlisle, D. and Rowley, C. and contributions by Detig, C. and Schrod, J. (2004). The LaTeX Companion, 2nd Edition. Addison-Wesley, Boston, USA 2004.
  2. van Dongen, M. R. C. (2012). LaTeX and Friends, Springer-Verlag, New York, USA 2012.
  3. Griffiths, D. F. and Higham, D. J. (2016). Learning LaTeX, Second Edition. SIAM, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
  4. Kopka, H. and Daly, P. W. (2003). Guide to LaTeX, 4th Edition. Addison-Wesley Professional, Boston USA 2003.
  5. Gratzer, G. (2014). Practical LaTeX. Springer-Verlag, New York USA.
  6. Goossens, M., Rahtz, S., Gurari, E.M., Moore, R. and Sutor, R.S. (1999). The LaTeX Web Companion: Integrating TeX, HTML, and XML. Addison-Wesley Professional, Boston USA.
  7. Gratzer, G. (2016). More Math into LaTeX, 5th Edition.  Springer-Verlag, New York USA.
  8. Kottwitz, S. (2011). LaTeX Beginner’s Guide. Packt Publishing, Birmingham-Mumbai.
  9. Kottwitz, S. (2015). The Latex Cookbook. Packt Publishing, Birmingham-Mumbai.
  10. Lamport, L. (1994). The LaTeX Document Preparation System, 2nd Edition. Addison-Wesley
  11. Talbot, N. L. C. (2013). LaTeX for Complete Novices. Dickimaw Books.
  12. Parthasarathy, S. (2014). Let’s Learn LaTeX.
  13. Goossens, M., Mittelbach, F., Rahtz, S., Roegel, D., and Voss, H, (2008). The LaTeX Graphics  Companoion, 2nd Edition. Addison-Wesley Professional, Boston USA.
  14. Voss, H. (2011). PSTricks: Graphics and Postscript for TEX and LaTeX. UIT Cambridge, England.
  15. Voss, H. (2011). Typesetting mathematics with LaTeX.  UIT Cambridge, England.
  16. Voss, H. (2011). Typesetting tables with LaTeX. UIT Cambridge, England.
  17. Voss, H. (2011). LaTeX Quick Reference. UIT Cambridge, England.
  18. Voss, H. (2012). Presentations with LaTeX.  Lehmanns Media, Berlin Germany.


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