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1Section 2.1 Content QuizQuestion Set
2Section 2.2 Content QuizQuestion Set
3Section 2.3 Content QuizQuestion Set
4Section 2.4 Content QuizQuestion Set
53.1 Electrophysiology: Ohm's LawGuess the Answer
63.1 Electrophysiology: Patch Clamp TechniquesGuess the Answer
73.2 Optogenetics: Amriti's ConstructMultiple Choice
83.2 Optogenetics: Confirmation of UnderstandingQuestion Set
93.4 DREADDs: ApplicationEssay
103.5 Cre-Lox: Specificity Using Stop CodonsDrag and Drop
113.6 Viral Delivery: Choice of deliveryQuestion Set
123.9 Synaptic measurement: Trans-Synaptic TracingQuestion Set
133.10 Testing modelsQuestion Set