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This resource will guide you through your journey as an online learner.  You will begin with three core chapters.  Click on the image hotspots to explore your journey through this path.

Image credit: Graeme Robinson-Clogg and Andrew Stracuzzi

Read these three core chapters first. As you complete them, you should be able to:

  • Define your role as an online learner by developing a mindset for independent learning.
  • Prepare for your role as a team member in an online environment.
  • Relate to online instructors in a way that supports your learning and growth.

After reviewing these core modules, you may select additional chapter and content to  support your skill development.  These chapters are described in the image below.

Image Credit: Andrew Stracuzzi

In these chapters, you will learn how to:

  • Mange time for online learning
  • Communicate professionally in an online environment
  • Analyze writing assignments, and
  • Read strategically

You may read these four chapters in any order.  To navigate to the chapter of your choice, use the chapter menu found in the top left of each page.

A Note about Third Party Software and Fanshawe College

Please note: any external learning tools mentioned within this textbook are provided for general reference to support student learning.  Fanshawe College does not provide technical or service support for the use of any third-party products. Individuals who may need help and support using any external tool listed within this text will need to contact the tool’s vendor directly. The Fanshawe IT Service Desk will not be able to provide assistance.

Move to the first chapter to begin the core learning modules.


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