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This open textbook has been compiled, edited and partially adapted by faculty from the School of Language and Liberal Studies at the Kinlin School of Business at Fanshawe College by using existing open educational sources available through a Creative Commons ShareAlike attribution licence.

Learning to Learn Online at Fanshawe College is designed to support current and prospective students within the Fanshawe College community who are interested in taking online and blended courses or who need additional learning supports .

This text is the basis for Fanshawe’s Open LMS resource where  learners can explore our online learning Platform –  FanshaweOnline –  before enrolling in an online course or program. It’s designed to promote confidence and provide hands-on practice in taking an online course.

We would like to thank the members of Fanshawe’s Student Technology Council and the Fanshawe Student Union for their support in funding our open access initiative, as well as as the teams from Learning Systems Services and Reputation and Brand Management who provided assistance at various stages through the project.

Andrew Stracuzzi and Shauna Roch (Editors)

Creative Commons Attribution

We would also like to acknowledge and thank the following authors/entities from Kwantlen Polytechnic University Learning Centres team who have graciously made their work available for the remixing, reusing, and adapting of this text:

This resource would not be possible without the contributions of the following individuals:

  • Christina Page, editor of Learning to Learn Online at KPU
  • Alice Macpherson, who developed many of the Learning Aids that provided foundational content for the material in this book. The workshop content on teamwork depends heavily on the learning resources she created.
  • Rawia Inaim and Graeme Robinson-Clogg, who created many of the educational graphics and worksheets found in these materials.
  • Adam Vincent, who developed many of the time management materials and interactive exercises.
  • Emily Tan, who recorded many of the videos included in these materials and served as a reviewer.
  • Kim Tomiak, for her work reviewing the book and valuable suggestions on presenting the Community of Inquiry model.
  • Marti Alger, who developed many of the Learning Aids that provided foundational content, and contributed to the initial resource development content.
  • Wajeeha Rahman, who reviewed the materials and provided key insights from a student perspective.
  • Mustafa Mohammed, who created accessible alternatives for some learning activities.
  • Leeann Waddington and Laurel Tien, who helped to shape the initial structure of the resource, and piloted these materials in their classes.
  • KPU Open Education Resources Grant, and Rajiv Jhangiani, for support in creating these materials.

February 2020


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Learning to Learn Online at Fanshawe by Kwantlen Polytechnic University; Fanshawe College is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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