Video Interviews with Elders

In order to incorporate Indigenous world views and perspectives into this textbook, eight Elders from FNUniv were interviewed during  2017 and 2018. For quick identification and access, the full set of interviews with Elders is listed below, along with a brief explanation of the focus of each interview.

NOTE: The following Elder videos are the copyright of each interviewee and licensed under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 International License. Include the name of the Elder, title of the interview, and license, when referencing these videos. The video interviews with Elders were produced by Terry Massey, Strictly Social.


Elder Willie Ermine

1. “A Culture of Sharing” (1:28)

2. Counter-narrative: The importance of the giveaway” (3:32)

3. “Giving what you treasure to get what you need” (1:02)

4. “Indigenous values: The stigma of hoarding” (1:03)

Elder Florence Allen

1. “Planning for the unexpected” (4:08)

Elder Gilbert Kewistep

1. “Planning for future generations” (0:47)

2. “The role of history and the effect of the Indian Act” (1:34)

3. “Importance of post-secondary education” (0:42)


Elder Audrey Cochrane

  1. “Raising grandchildren and the ways of living on the land” (2:26)

  2. “The importance of sharing with community” (0:46)

Elder Margaret Reynolds

  1. “Financial self-sufficiency through self-employment” (1:49)

  2. “Reusing and saving” (1:45)

  3. “The value of money” (0:27)

  4. “Money management and sharing” (1:10)

  5. “The value of giving money to family in need” (0:48)

  6. “Money as a sickness” (1:17)

  7. “The role of mutual and trust funds in caring for grandchildren” (0:36)

Elder Rose Bird

  1. “Financial autonomy: the effect of colonization and the residential school system” (4:26)

  2. “Learning how to budget” (2:47)

  3. “Lessons learned from family” (0:23)

  4. “Saving for emergencies” (0:22)

Elder Norma Jean Byrd

  1. “Introduction” (1:14)

  2. “Value of money and saving” (0:32)

  3. “Gardening, meat and root cellars” (0:32)

  4. “Importance of a will” (0:50)

  5. “Indigenous people living off the land” (0:42)

  6. “Housing and clothing as a child” (1:30)

Elder Millie Anderson

  1. “Introduction” (4:19)

  2. “Banking and First paycheque” (0:56)

  3. “Beading” (2:12)

  4. “Learning how to manage money” (1:38)

  5. “Living off the land” (1:25)

  6. “Savings” (1:06)



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